Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Keep Your Business Thriving by Taking Care of You

Your business is growing at record speed and all things are turning out exactly as you had always envisioned. You have a full client base, perhaps even some waiting to come on board, and things are looking amazing! But for some reason, you aren't enjoying it. In fact, you are feeling overwhelmed and out of control. You realize although your bank account is up, you yourself are feeling really down and out of sorts. The main problem could be although you are working hard on your business, you're forgetting the most important asset of your business-YOU! It's time to make some changes.

Here are our best tips for recharging:

Take evenings and weekends off - If you can, totally unplug on your evenings and weekends. If this is too much of a stretch, then decide exactly what you feel would work best for you. Some work Saturday mornings on catch-up tasks and feel more in control because they do. This is fine. But decide on what works and commit to doing more of that. You feel so much more energized when you start the next week off after having a break. What you can do to feel even more in control is to create your to-do list for next week before you end your current work week. It empowers you knowing nothing is left out.

Take breaks and lunch away from your computer - Think back to when you actually stopped, left your computer, and ate a sandwich without your hand on the mouse. It's time to get back to a similar routine so you can decompress and re-energize. Now we aren't saying you need to leave the office every day and take a two-hour lunch. But you should at least stop and take a break. Make this a new healthy habit.

Take vacations and unplug - Sometimes, to enjoy what you truly have, you need to get away to appreciate it. A few days off will energize you and give you back the power you need. Try and unplug completely whenever possible. But if that isn't possible, set it up so you are very limited in what needs to be done. This is where your online support specialist comes into play. Let them take over things allowing you the time to sit back and relax. Which leads us to the next point... find an online support specialist.

Get help - Hire an online support specialist - You don't have to be doing it alone. Think of how great it would be to just pass off some of those tasks and do more of the things you enjoy. You can do this. Make it a plan this week to write down what you do on a daily basis. Now think of how an online support specialist can take over those tasks. Many think it will cost too much money, but in actuality, you earn more because you are focused on the most important parts of your business.

One mistake many make in this area though is to wait too long to plan this out. The days before you leave for a conference or vacation is not the best time to be training someone as this adds more stress. Realize this needs to be set up in advance. Plan ahead and get systems in place (preferably written out), so things run smoothly and you feel confident all is good with your business while you are away.

And finally, have fun. Take some time during your day to chat with your friends online. Ensure the work you do is fulfilling and you enjoy it and most importantly, don't allow the stress of clients and too much work to get you. Take the appropriate steps to keep control of your business. Now this isn't so hard is it?


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