Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tips For Promoting Your Home Based Business With Articles

There are many different methods that can be used to attract visitors to your home based internet business. However, if you want to keep upfront costs low your best bet may be to write articles to promote your internet business.

In this article I'm going to give you 5 tips that can help you to attract targeted visitors to your home business website.

Tip #1. Write Titles That Promise Big Benefits and Solve Problems.

It's important to come up with titles for your articles that draw the interest of your target audience. Article titles that are boring or loaded with hype generally don't get read as much as titles that offer a specific benefit.

Find out what it is people in your market are looking to accomplish and what they are struggling with. This will help you to formulate titles that are sure to capture the attention of your target audience.

Tip #2. Make Sure The Body Of Your Article Delivers What The Title Promises.

Once you've captured your readers attention, it's important to follow through on what your title is claiming to provide.

When done properly, your reader will stay engaged with your content and be compelled to visit your home business website at the end of your article to get more information.

If the content of your article does not deliver on the promise in your title, your reader will feel gipped and click away to your competitors website. Give them what you said you were going to give them.

Tip #3. Don't Give Away The Farm.

Although you must deliver on the title of your article, it is not necessary to go into every little detail about how to accomplish something.

If you publish everything in your article there will be no reason for your reader to visit your website to learn more. Give just enough information to satisfy the promise described in your title and if they are interested in learning more encourage them to visit your website.

Tip #4. Provide A Link To Your Website At The End Of Your Article.

Now that you've crafted your article with an interest arousing title and the content to back it up, you must make sure to include a hyperlink to your home business website.

You would be surprised to see how many people forget to do this. There are articles that get literally thousands of views, that don't contain a link back to the website of the author.

Imagine writing a set of articles that attract thousands of readers looking for more information about your subject, who end up visiting someone else's website because you didn't have a link available in your articles?

I think you get the point. Right?

Tip #5. Capture Leads and Build Relationships.

It's one thing to invite your readers to visit your website and provide more information, but it's altogether more profitable to offer something of value in exchange for a name and email address.

There are literally millions of websites being created on a daily basis and as that number grows the likelihood of getting repeat visitors to your site decreases dramatically.

To counteract this situation, you will want to set up a squeeze page that offers a valuable resource targeted to your readers needs in exchange for the opportunity to contact them in the future with more content and offers that can help them to achieve their online objectives.

With the name and email addresses of your readers you can begin to develop relationships and build a long term stable home based internet business.

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